Episode 9 Pairing:

The Mind Eraser


Episode 8 Pairing:

Four Loko


Episode 7 Pairing:

Jack Daniels, Straight


Episode 6 Pairing:

The Cement Mixer


Episode 5 Pairing:

19 Crimes “The Banished” Dark Red Blend


Episode 4 Pairing:

Enter Night Pilsner


“Kiss” Minisode Pairing:

Dracula’s KISS


You Will Need:

- Rocks Glass

- Ice


- Kahlua

- Club Soda


- Fill your rocks glass with ice.

- Add equal parts vodka, Kahlua, and club soda to your glass.

- Enjoy! (Try not to “erase” any body parts, please!)


You Will Need:

  • A Can of Four Loko


  • Crack into the can, remember the worst night of your life.

Just for your information, Four Loko is not banned in the United States, or anywhere! The newest formula came out on 2017, and is available in 49 US states. Scott drank the Sour Apple for this episode, and Amanda drank the Fruit Punch. Come drink along with us!


You Will Need:

  • A Shot Glass

  • Jack Daniels


  • Pour 1 oz of Jack Daniels into the shot glass.

  • Take the shot. Don’t be a cop out and chill it. Don’t complain it burns. Don’t cry. Don’t puke.

  • Repeat until you’re on your third spouse - here’s looking’ at you, Tommy Lee!


WARNING! DON’T ACTUALLY DRINK THIS! IT’S A JOKE SHOT! IT’S AWFUL! Or, border it for that guy who won’t stop hitting on you even though you told him to fuck off!

You Will Need:

  • A Shot Glass

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream

  • Lime JuiceDirections:

  • Pour .5 oz of Bailey’s into the shot glass.

  • Float .5 oz of lime juice onto the Bailey’s.

  • Take the shot! Be sure to swish it around your mouth a few tim


Something really cool about 19 Crimes Wines is that each one has a backstory connected to the person on the front of the bottle. Each bottle is connected to 1 of 19 crimes that would have sent people to be exiled in Australia - they range from mutiny, to petty theft, and “impersonating an Egyptian.” Our bottle tells the story of James Wilson - you can find more on his story on 19crimes.com. his wine’s tasting notes are as follows: “Dark red shrouded by purple hues. Intense lifted dark chocolate and vanilla aromatics balanced with blackberry and plum fruits. Full and round on the palate with a distinct sweetness making the wine rich and mouth coating. The dark chocolate and vanilla aromatics carry through on the palate and compliment subtle flavors of cloves and cinnamon spice. The palate has a long rich plush finish brooding with dark forest fruits.”


“Enter Night” is made by Metallica in cahoots with Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Consortia. The beer is a nod to their mega-hit “Enter Sandman,” and is printed on black and red cans - much in the same style as their logo. This beer is described as being a “sharp and refreshing pilsner that transcends genres, shatters preconceptions, and challenges convention.” This 5.7% abv beer had been exclusively available at the band’s WorldWired Tour stops throughout the fall of 2018 as a “guerilla-style approach” to limited distribution. The official tasting notes are as follows: “Enter Night's remarkable flavor and aroma which artfully combine the beauty of a traditional Northern German Pilsner with Arrogant Consortia's modern overtones of aggression. The resulting genre-defying pilsner is hop forward with sound bitterness on the finish.”


You will need:
- A highball glass
- Ice
- Black cherry vodka
- Grenadine
- Coke
- Maraschino cherries

- Fill your highball glass to the top with ice
- Add 1 oz of black cherry vodka
- Add .5 oz of grenadine
- Add 5 oz of Coke
- Garnish with 2 Maraschino cherries, and enjoy!

Episode 3 Pairing:

Flaming Dr. Pepper


Episode 2 Pairing:

Electric Chocolate Martini


You Will Need:

  • 1 oz shot glass

  • Beer stein/glass

  • Amaretto

  • Bacardi 151 (anything over 150 proof will set on fire, pro tip!)

  • A crappy light American beer


  1. Fill your stein with a half pint of your shitty American light beer of choice (we used Coors Light).

  2. Pour 2/3 oz of Amaretto into the shot glass.

  3. Float (pour very slowly so that the liquor actually stays on top) 1/3 oz of Bacardi 151 into the top of the shot glass.

  4. CAREFULLY light the shot on fire using a long lighter.

  5. CAREFULLY drop the flaming shot into the stein.

  6. CHUG!


You Will Need:

  • Martini Glass

  • Cocktail Shaker

  • Ice

  • Chocolate Liqueur (we used Godiva)

  • Coffee Liqueur (we used Kahlua)

  • Vodka (we used Svedka)

  • Chocolate Syrup

  • Crushed Chocolate Chips


  1. Put some chocolate syrup onto a plate, and the crushed chocolate onto a separate plate.

  2. Rim the martini glass with chocolate syrup (making sure not to get any inside the glass), then dip the syrup-covered rim in the chocolate pieces.

  3. Drizzle chocolate syrup in your desired pattern on the inside of the martini glass.

  4. Add ice to the shaker.

  5. Add 2 oz. of chocolate liqueur.

  6. Add .75 oz of coffee liqueur.

  7. Add .25 oz of vodka.

  8. Add a splash of chocolate syrup.

  9. Return cap to shaker, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

  10. Pour mixture into glasses, and enjoy!

Episode 1 Pairing:

A Piece of Ass


You Will Need:

  • A Rocks Glass

  • Ice

  • Amaretto

  • Southern Comfort

  • Sour Mix

  • A Cherry


  1. Fill the rocks glass with ice

  2. Add 1.5 oz of Amaretto.

  3. Add 1.5 oz of SoCo.

  4. Add 2 oz of sour mix.

  5. Add cherry for garnish, and enjoy!