Music History Power Hour is a new music history and comedy podcast. Join two musicians as they get drunk and geek out over the bizarre stories of music through the ages!

New episodes released every Monday - be sure to drink along with us using our drink pairings, released every Thursday!

Meet the Hosts!



Amanda is an alumna of Syracuse University (2017), having received a Bachelors of Music in Music Education and a minor in Music History and Cultures, summa cum laude. A former bartender in downtown Syracuse, she is currently a 4th-12th grade band director; and as such, desperately needs alcohol to make it through her week of dealing with 150 squawking instrumentalists. Growing up with a history and special educator dad, her love of stories and music grew together to make her into the giant musicological nerd she is today. This podcast is a chance for her to live the rockstar life she always wanted to, though vicariously through the tall tales of the debaucherous musicians of the past (since, y’know, most metal gigs aren’t looking for a flutist). Don’t mind her dirty mouth and nasty jokes - she can’t use them in front of the kids!




Scott is a graduate of Onondaga Community College’s school of music, and a former music education student at the University of Tampa. Having studied both the viola and classical guitar, he is the string expert of our dynamic duo. Scott was a long-time member of the band Storm Cell, and the well-known Syracuse-area band Sampere. Scott has toured all over the eastern U.S. as a rock bassist, performing with the likes of Candlebox, Skid Row, and Uli John Roth. When he’s not practicing his scales on the Fender or playing Overwatch, Scott is diligently editing the podcast in preparation for his future in the field of audio engineering! Don’t let his soft-spoken nature fool you, he’s an animal on stage! This podcast is an opportunity for him to come out of a performance reprieve, and he couldn’t be more stoked to share these stories with you!